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We hear that all time. So, I won’t mention it again. I will state the obvious, we will all pass away at some point and someone is left to remember if we…

Final Expense Insurance was designed to pay for funeral costs. Its face value amounts usually range from $1000.00 up to $25,000.00. It has no medical examination, you answer a few health questions. You typically won’t be turned down because this type of insurance is guaranteed issue, with some of these policies you may receive a rated plan, which means the full-face amount may not be paid until the 24th month. That means if you die before the 24th month your beneficiary will receive a percentage of the premiums paid (something is always better than nothing).

The age ranges to qualify for this type of insurance are between 45 and up to 80+.

A few key points to remember about Final Expense insurance,

  • It pays out faster than most insurance, with some companies the beneficiary will receive money within 48 hours
  • Some companies will negotiate the cost of your funeral to lower the price
  • The money is paid to the beneficiary, not the funeral home
  • The premiums will not increase for the life of the policy

As responsible people, we should not leave a financial burden for our family and friends to handle. If you have questions about Final Expense insurance or know someone that may have questions, we are here to help.

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