Tips for Dating in Your Golden Years

Tips for Dating in Your Golden Years Whatever your age, dating can invoke a sense of caution and an overwhelming feeling. It may seem even more stressful, though, if it’s been quite a while since you were on the dating scene. You’re less likely to cross paths with your soulmate at a fraternity mixer, but […]

Medicare Enrollment Season Tips

Planning for Medicare Enrollment Season The Medicare Enrollment Season is not far away! If you are turning 65 or if you are already receiving Medicare, or if you are disabled and on Medicare, you have or will receive an overwhelming amount of Medicare information from several different sources. I recommend that you read Medicare and […]

Health Indemnity Plan Tips

Why Are Health Indemnity Plans Important? I have a friend that I helped with a Short Term Medical plan not long ago. She did not use the plan while the plan was active. As luck would have it, on the 95th day (only five days after the plan expired). She had a bad fall and […]

Business Income Protection Tips

  Click here to hear Alvin’s radio interview on SoundCloud Would happen if you became too sick to work? If you’re the owner of a small to medium-sized business, you’re probably key to the success of that business. And, with all the time you spend running the business, you may not have considered what would happen […]

Final Expense Insurance Tips

  We hear that all time. So, I won’t mention it again. I will state the obvious, we will all pass away at some point and someone is left to remember if we… Final Expense Insurance was designed to pay for funeral costs. Its face value amounts usually range from $1000.00 up to $25,000.00. It […]

Term Life Insurance Tips

  Term Life Insurance provides you with straightforward financial protection to your family in the event you die during your income producing years. It is the cheapest type of life insurance you can purchase, and it is a preferred choice for single parents and married couples with and without children. You select a level coverage […]

Children’s Life Insurance

The host of Practical Insurance Tips, Francyne Walker asks about Children’s Life Insurance.

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