Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Insurance

Protect Your Family After You Pass Away with Final Expense Insurance

If you’re like most people, you wonder who will cover funeral expenses.  Funerals can easily cost $10,000 – $20,000, and you would rather see those funds help your spouse or children.  The solution to your problem is Final Expense insurance.

In addition to payment for funeral expenses, here are some additional benefits of final expense insurance:

  • A typical payout much faster than the average life insurance policy
  • No medical exam is required
  • Easy to receive – you fill out a short form and quickly receive confirmation your policy is active
  • If you are approved for Final Expense insurance, your premiums never change
  • Policy can accrue cash value
  • Select only the amount of coverage you need
  • A more affordable premium than life insurance for paying funeral expenses

Let Us Help You!

You’ve Got Options! Why do-it-yourself when you could talk to a professional insurance agent? Option Insurance Group agents are licensed, certified and experienced. We are brokers; and that means we represent numerous carriers and plans. This is an advantage for you as the consumer because we can offer you more than one option.

It doesn’t matter to us which plan you choose; and if we determine together that you are already on the best plan then you don’t have to do anything but stay exactly where you are! The best part is it doesn’t cost you anything to use our services! Sound too good to be true? Not really…insurance agents receive commission from the carriers when they help you enroll in a plan.

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