Sonya Weaver
Written by Option Insurance Group on May 11, 2018 in

Let me first begin by acknowledging how pleasant Alvin is. What I enjoyed most was finding out the “Why” behind “what” he does. Connecting with him on a personal level allowed for me to immediately connect to the passion he has for the work he is doing. Before meeting with him there are two concerns that immediately put most people on edge when it comes to speaking about insurance. One whether or not it is affordable and two having to think about mortality. Alvin understands these concerns and connects with the individual. He listens to what you desire but more he listens to what matters. With regards to price, he does not push a package at you, rather he matches plans to what you desire. Also because he genuinely connects with people, he has a way of taking a touchy topic regarding injury or death and presenting it in a practical way, that allows for you to make appropriate choices. Option Insurance Group lives up to it’s mission to keep insurance simple and provide you the right insurance, using a simple process and making you an educated client.